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  • Jul 16, 2006
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Loik P Is The One
Loik Dury – P Is The One
(MP3 Podcast on ParisDJs.com) Kraked, 2006-07-16

Special P-Funk
While working on new tracks at Kraked Records, Papa George graced us with some jingles, ranting about Paris DJs being the real thing. You might find bits and pieces of that in this new 30 mn party-style P-Funk action mix from Loik

Tracklisting :
01. Parliament – P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)
(from ‘Mothership Connection’ album, 1975 / Casablanca)
02. Fuzzy Haskins – Not Yet
(from ‘Radio Active’ album, 1978 / Westbound)
03. Ruth Copeland – Suburban Family Lament
(from ‘I Am What I Am’ album, 1971 / Invictus)
04. Parliament – All Your Goodies Are Gone
(from ‘Up For The Down Stroke’ album, 1974 / Casablanca)
05. Funkadelic – Loose Booty
(from ‘America Eats Its Young’ album, 1972 / Westbound)
06. Parliament – The Bing Bang Theory
(from ‘Gloryhallastoopid’ album, 1979 / Casablanca)

Original Covers :

Download MP3 | Source : ParisDJs.com

Info :
Selected and mixed by Loik Dury (Kraked)
Artwork by Fourmy [+ Djouls]

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